David Soul died in 2016

Mandela Effect:

David Soul died in 2016

New timeline: David Soul didn’t die in 2016

Starsky and Hutch, music, theatre, movies, David Soul was a heart throb. He was alive and well as of Feb 2019, he didn’t die in 2016?

Other credits: Star Trek, Miami Vice (director), Little Britain, Death on the Nile, & Top Gear.






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  1. Scott Avatar

    I gotta say, I was shocked to hear David Soul died in 2016, because I had distinct memories of him dying in the 1980s, seeing the news in tabloids, and being sad because I loved the show. Then he died again in 2016.

    Now I hear he has died AGAIN.
    I am someone who tolerates no wu-wu in my life, and have never had other mandala effects, and I am so out of sorts right now.

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