Plague Black Death was in the 1300s

The Mandela Effect:

The last occurrence of the Black Death was in the 1300’s

New timeline: It occurred last as recently as 1855 in China

The Black Death, aka the plague, killed a third of the population in Europe and Asia in the 1300’s.

But the breakout in the 1300’s was only the second of three major world outbreaks, but is that how you remember it?

1st: the Byzantine Empire, 541

2nd: Europe and Asia, 1300’s

3rd: killed 12 million people in India and China.

The plague has only been “contained” since 1960!?

The reason the second was the worst is because it was pneumonic, and could be passed from person to person, whereas the other two were bubonic, meaning it was carried by rats and fleas.






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