The Laughing Cow nose ring

Mandela Effect:

Originally, there was a nose ring

New timeline: the nose ring is either missing or never was

Do you remember a ring in the cow’s nose? Many do, but now it’s gone.

Can you believe a cheese brand, French, or otherwise, could be so old, 1865 to be exact. Wow.

Was it a gold ring? If it’s a she, well only male bulls get rings…

Is she smiling, or laughing. Oh the controversies!






One response to “The Laughing Cow nose ring”

  1. Dennie Avatar

    Nose ring and she didn’t have eyelashes, didn’t laugh like she is now, more of a smile. More masculine looking. Also, don’t remember the 2 earrings being big cheese wedges. Remembered only 1 earring and it was like a tag they use on livestock ears.

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