Risky business no sunglasses!?

Mandela Effect: Previously: He wore sunglasses in the dance scene, duh. New timeline: He isn’t wearing shades! How can this be? Was it other marketing that confused it? Are people mixing Top Gun up with Risky business? Cruise always wears shades, always right!? Go rewatch them all, and comment here.

Flintstones or Flinstones?

Mandela Effect: Old Timeline: The Flinstones New Timeline: The Flintstones You know them: Fred, Wilma, Barney and the gang, but were they “The Flintstones” or “The Flinstones” FlinT stones seems reasonable, relevant… but many remember it otherwise. This is a classic, so we just had to get it into the catalogue. Find examples, mine your […]

Beam me up, Scotty

Mandela Effect: Original: Kirk said “Beam me up, Scotty” New timeline: Kirk never actually said it! Did Kirk ever actually say “Beam me up, Scotty”? He never actually said it. I know, now we all have to rewatch sooooo many episodes, but we have to know right!? Go check Wikipedia, or for that matter James […]

Carrots improve eyesight?

Mandela Effect: Previously: Carrots scientifically improve eyesight New timeline: It’s a World War 2 myth Parents, “rabbits can see in the dark”. But was this idea based on science, or a myth? Vitamins help eyesight, but come on. During World War 2, the British deployed radar first, but they needed to hide the innovation, so […]

Lady Di – people in the car

Mandela Effect: Previously: There were 5 New timeline: There were 4 people in the car Like the JFK assassination, many remember when Lady Di passed away. Some remember there being 5 in the car though, when now articles show that there were only 4. How many were there? Were there survivors? Leave your comments!


Mandela Effect: The Twix Logo keeps changing? New timeline: Twix I’ll let you delve deeper. Leave your comments.

Me Tarzan You Jane

Mandela Effect: New timeline: “Me Tarzan, You Jane” wasn’t in the originals It’s not even in the books? “Tarzan of the Apes” in 1912. That should give you plenty of movie versions to check …

John Carpenter

  Mandela Effect: John Carpenter died in 2018 New Timeline: John Carpenter did not die in 2018 Halloween, They Live, Escape from LA, The Thing and many more. Rotten Tomatoes tweeted like he was dead, and so now many remember that…

Singer: Meat loaf or Meatloaf

  Mandela Effect: Of course, it’s Meatloaf right? New Timeline: Meat Loaf Okay, all joking aside with the photo. Is there a space in the name of the singer famous for “Bat out of Hell”? Michael Lee Aday, 1947, Dallas, his father an alcoholic from serving in WW2, his mother a school teacher, ML got […]

RHCP lyrics City of Angels

  Mandela Effect: “The city I live in, the city of Angels” New Timeline: Hard to believe, but many now think it has always been “city of Angel” Under the Bridge, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 1992, don’t even get me started.

Bernie Madoff died in 2009

Mandela Effecdt: Did Bernie Madoff die in 2009? New Timeline: No, he did not. Bernie Madoff, chairman of NASDAQ, the largest Ponzi scheme in history, $65 Billion missing, sentenced to 150 years in jail, 2009. But did he commit suicide shortly afterwards? He did attempt suicide, actually, he and his wife, in 2008, unsuccessfully.

Marilyn Monroe sang Santa Baby

Mandela Effect: Monroe sang “Santa Baby” in 1953 New Timeline: Monroe never sing “Santa Baby”? It was Eartha Kitt!? By Phillip Springer, Tony Springer and Joan Javits, breathy, suggestive, Marilyn Monroe right? Madonna and Kylie Minogue have since covered it, but Marilyn never did. In 1953 the song was even banned in some areas. It’s […]

2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL said ‘Good Morning, Dave’

Mandela Effect: Previously: HAL said “Good morning, Dave” New timeline: HAL didn’t ever say that? HAL, the computer in 2001: A Space odyssey, always said “Good morning, Dave”.  Or did it? As usual, we’re just cataloging effects as people find them, and we’ll leave you to search for the detailed truth…

ET: head or heart

Mandela Effect: Originally: Heart New timeline: Head At the end of the movie ET leaves Elliot, but does he point to Elliots head or to his heart? Either way. A Classic.

The Lone Ranger said ‘Hi Ho Silver!’

  Mandela Effect: “Hi Ho Silver!” is now “Hi Yo Silver!” On TV from 1949 to 1957, the Lone Ranger was famous for crying for his horse. But did he say “Hi Ho Silver, and away!”, or “Hi Yo Silver”? On the radio in 1933, to short movies in 1937, and finally onto television in […]

Batteries not included movie sequel

Mandela Effect: New timeline: “Batteries still not included” wasn’t a thing The 1987 movie, “Batteries not included”, was a fun, popular sci-fi story, but was there a sequel? Are you sure?

Is it Scott’s Porage or Porridge?

  Mandela Effect: Scott’s Porridge Oats New timeline: Scott’s Porage Oats 1914, Scott’s brand was launched, but is it spelled “Porage” or “Porridge”? I’ll leave the research to you subscribers. Comment below.

10,000 steps

  Should you really take 10,000 steps a day? number come from? New timeline: Naw Look it up. There isn’t any science behind the number.    

Sex in (and) the City

Another in/and: New timeline: Sex and the City 1998. “Sex AND the City” or “Sex IN the City”? It’s “Sex and the City” now, but I remember, it was “Sex in the City”! How about we just agree to agree on “Sex n the City”

Febreeze or Febreze?

There never was  a Febreeze New Timeline: Febreze It was introduced in 1995, but under what name? Now it’s clearly “Febreze”, but it used to be “Febreeze”! What I really want to know is, how does it WORK!? 😉

Ebenezer Scrooge a British MP

Mandela Effect: Charle’s Dickens’ Ebeneezer Scrooge character was based on a British Member of Parliament New timeline: Ebeneezer Scrooge was not based on a real person Evidence may suggest that Charles Dickens’ character Scrooge, A Christmas Carol, was based on a real person. The story goes that Dickens, in Edinburgh, Scotland happened on a grave […]

Ramesses II was issued a passport in 1974

Mandela Effect: The story goes that Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) was actually, for reasons unknown, issued a passport in 1974 New timeline: No, that never happened. He’d been dead for thousands of years. Why would he be issued a passport? Apparently, to fly his 3,000 year old body to Paris, he had to have a […]

Plague Black Death was in the 1300s

The Mandela Effect: The last occurrence of the Black Death was in the 1300’s New timeline: It occurred last as recently as 1855 in China The Black Death, aka the plague, killed a third of the population in Europe and Asia in the 1300’s. But the breakout in the 1300’s was only the second of […]

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Lyrics

Mandela Effect Many remember: “Mama always told me”New timeline: Mother always told me One of Michael’s many terrific hits, it’s rumored to have been inspired by a tireless line of groupies trying to claim his brothers fathered their children. The Mandela line ends the first verse. People always told me be careful of what you […]

Cup O Noodles

Mandela Effect: It was definitely “Cup O Noodles”New timeline: “Cup Noodles”We’ve all eaten them, way way too many of them. Enough said.

Clive James Died in 2012

Mandela Effect: Down under TV personality Clive James died in 2012, right? New Timeline: He died in 2019

Marlboro Man

Mandela Effect: Marlboro Man died of lung cancer in the 1990s New Timeline: Marlboro Man didn’t smoke and died in 2019 Those that experience the Mandela Effect remember advertisements for cigarettes. The most memorable ad featured the Marlboro man, Robert Norris.  He ended up dying in the 1990s from lung cancer.  On this new timeline […]

Radar Dies on MASH

Mandela Effect: Radar died at the start of MASH Season 8 New Timeline: Radar did not die MASH was a wildly popular show that ran from 1972 to 1983.  Those that experience the ME recall being upset when Radar was killed off.  In this new timeline he appeared in later episodes and never killed off […]

Hey Jude by the Beatles

Mandela Effect: Lyrics say “don’t carry the world upon your shoulders” New Timeline: Don’t carry the world upon your shoulder The Beatles song “Hey Jude” is one of the most popular songs in history.  Many of us remember the lyric being “don’t carry the world upon your shoulders”.  It has now changed to “don’t carry […]

The Six Million Dollar Man

Mandela Effect: The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin, was a Colonel in the US Air Force New Timeline: Steve Austin was a NASA Astronaut Most ME experiencers remember the show Six Million Dollar Man.  They recall that Steve Austin was a Colonel in the US Air Force.  In this new timeline however, that has […]

Tiger Woods and American Gladiators

Mandela Effect: Tiger Woods was an American Gladiators contestant New Timeline: Tiger Woods was not an American Gladiators contestant Some of those that experience the Mandela Effect recall a teenage Tiger Woods appearing as a contestant in the 1990s on the American Gladiator show.  On this timeline, Tiger never was on the show.

Robert Mugabe

Mandela Effect: Robert Mugabe died in 2017 New Timeline: Robert Mugabe died in 2019 Many ME experiencers recall the controversial leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, dying in 2017.  On this timeline however he actually died in 2019.


Mandela Effect: Buddha was fat New Timeline: Buddha was thinner Many people recall the image of Buddha being a plump man with a large “buddha belly”.   On this timeline he has seemed to slim down a bit. His memorable belly fat is no longer a part of this reality.

Viking Helmet Horns

Mandela Effect: Vikings had horns on their helmets New Timeline: Vikings helmets don’t have horns When an ME experiencer pictures an image of a viking, they typically envision a tall man with a large horned helmet.  On this timeline no horned helmet has ever been found and vikings are not depicted wearing them.

Fortune Cookies

Mandela Effect: Fortune Cookies originated from China New Timeline: Fortune Cookies were first created in San Francisco Everyone knows that fortune cookies come from China.  Not on this timeline!  In this reality fortune cookies were created in the US.  A court case in 1983 confirmed that they were first served in San Francisco, California.

Grand Central Station

Mandela Effect: It’s called Grand Central Station? Mandela Effect: Grand Central Terminal We know it’s called Grand Central Station.  Nope! In this reality it’s Grand Central Terminal.  The name was changed after 1910.

Quaker Oats Man

Mandela Effect: The Quaker Oats man is older New Timeline: The Quaker Oats man is younger Many people remember the man on the Quaker Oats logo being older. Surprise! On this timeline he is much younger!

Henry Ford Not Fired

Mandela Effect:  The Henry Ford car company did not fire Henry Ford New Timeline: The Henry Ford Car company fired him ME experiencers don’t recall Henry Ford being fired.  In this timeline he was fired from the company which bore his name.  It wasn’t the “Ford Motor Company” which fired him, but the “Henry Ford” […]

Star Trek and Dr. Spock

Mandela Effect: Dr. Spock New Timeline: Mr. Spock Many ME experiencers recall his name being Dr. Spock on the original Star Trek series.  On this new timeline it’s always been Mr. Spock.  The only Dr. Spock that existed was the pediatrician.

Bulls Attack Red

Mandela Effect: Bulls attack red cloth New Timeline: Bulls do not attack red cloth The Mandela-Effected often remember the old cartoons and images of bulls attacking any fighter with a red cloth in their hands.  On this timeline bulls are indeed color blind, so a red rag has no effect on them. They are only […]

Jesus as a Carpenter

Mandela Effect: Jesus was most likely a carpenter New Timeline: Jesus was most likely a stone mason Some ME experiencers recall that Jesus was most likely a carpenter.  In this timeline it’s implied that he was a stone mason.  A term in the Bible Matthew 13 “tekton” hints he was builder as most of Israel’s […]

Samson and Delilah

Mandela Effect: Delilah cut off Samson’s hair New Timeline: A servant cut off Samson’s hair In the famous biblical story of Samson and Delilah, it was Delilah who cut off Samson’s hair for those who impacted by the Mandela Effect.  In this timeline though it was actually a servant that cut his hair.

Baloo’s Coconut Bra

Mandela Effect: Baloo wore a coconut bra in the 1967 Jungle Book movie New Timeline: Baloo did not wear a coconut bra in the 1967 Jungle Book movie Many have an image of Baloo doing a dance in the 1967 “The Jungle Book” movie.  When he does this he is wearing a grass skirt and […]


Mandela Effect: Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, shot and drowned New Timeline: He died by gunshot The Mandela-Effected remember that Rasputin survived multiple attempts on his life.  Not in this timeline.  He was shot and died.

Stephen Hawking’s Nobel Prize

Mandela Effect: Stephen Hawking received a Nobel Prize in 2010 New Timeline: Stephen Hawking did not receive a Nobel Prize around 2010 Many remember him being awarded a Nobel Prize around 2010, but this is not the case. They even describe his award ceremony being shown on TV, and the acceptance speech he delivered with […]

Pirate Talk

Mandela Effect: Pirate talk originated by seafaring pirates of yesteryear New Timeline: Pirate talk originated in Disneys 1950 “Treasure Island” movie ME experiencers recall that pirate talk came about from the old-fashioned pirates on boats.  Images of captains with parrots on their shoulders and men walking “the plank”.  Not in this timeline!  Pirate talk actually […]

Cow Tails Candy

Mandela Effect: They are called Cow Tails New Timeline: The candy is now called Cow Tales Many experiencers of the ME recall the candy of their childhood being spelled Cow Tails.  Not anymore!  They are now spelled Cow Tales.

Anchorman Quote

Mandela Effect: Ron Burgundy: “Well, that escalated quickly” New Timeline: “Boy, that escalated quickly” Movie quotes are huge in the Mandela Effect circle.  One of the most memorable changes occurs in the movie Anchorman from 2004.  Most people remember Ron Burgundy saying “well, that escalated quickly”.  On this timeline that’s changed.  Now it’s “Boy, that […]

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Mandela Effect: Lyrics are “Pulled the trigger now he’s dead” New Timeline: Lyrics are now “Pulled my trigger now he’s dead”. In the song Mercury sings “Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he’s dead”. Those that experience the ME remember “Pulled THE trigger now he’s dead”.

The St. Bernard dog brandy barrel

Mandela Effect: The St Bernard rescue dog carried a brandy barrel round its neck New Timeline: The St Bernard rescue dog never carried a barrel round its neck ME experiencers recall the rescue St.Bernard with a wooden barrel around his neck.  On this current timeline however the barrel is non-existent.

James Cagney says “You dirty rat!”

Mandela Effect: James Cagney said “You dirty rat!” in gangster movies. New Timeline: James Cagney never said it! “You dirty rat” is  a fairly memorable phrase that can be tied back to old mobster movies.  It’s surprising to find that it was never said on this new timeline.

An Apple in The Garden of Eden

Mandela Effect: An apple was the forbidden fruit New Timeline: The forbidden fruit was not specified For those experiencing the Mandela Effect they recall that the apple was the forbidden fruit.  It was depicted in artwork  and literature.  On this timeline however the forbidden fruit is never specified.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented CVT transmission

Mandela Effect : Leonardo Da Vinci invented CVT transmission New Timeline: Leonardo Da Vinci did not invent CVT transmission The shiftless transmission was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci on the original timeline.  In the new timeline this is not the case.    

The Chicago Cholera Epidemic of 1885

The Chicago Cholera Epidemic of 1885 MMDE: The 1885 Chicago Cholera Epidemic was devastating Current: The 1885 Chicago Cholera Epidemic didn’t happen Hear about the Chicago Cholera Epidemic of 1885? Most who have heard of it recall it being reported as catastrophic, killing thousands and decimating life there for years. Except … it’s now being […]

666 The Number of the Beast

Mandel Effect:  The number of the beast has always been 666 New Timeline: The number of the beast was once 616 In the New Testament, is the oldest known copy of the New testament, Revelation 13:18 shows the number of the beast is 616.  ME experiencers recall that the number of the best was 666.

Captain Bligh, Mutiny on the Bounty

Mandela Effect: Captain Bligh was kinder than most other sea captains of his day New Timeline: Captain Bligh was crueler than most other sea captains of his day The Mutiny on the Bounty, is remembered by ME experiencers, as caused by the crew of sailors, who over took the kind Captain Bligh.  Not on this […]

Elisa Lam

Mandela Effect: When Elisa Lam was found, the hatch to the water tank was closed New Timeline: When Elisa Lam was found, the hatch to the water tank was open Elisa Lam was a  Canadian student who was found in a hotel’s water tank in 2013 after being dead in there for some time.  Many […]

Haas Avocados

Mandela Effect: It’s spelled Haas avocados New Timeline: It’s spelled Hass avocados Those that experience the Mandela Effect recall the brand being spelled Haas.  Now it’s spelled Hass!

Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps Packaging

Mandela Effect: Walkers cheese and onion are in a green bag New Timeline: Walkers cheese and onion are in a blue bag For those in the UK that experience the ME, you recall there being a green bag for your favorite Walkers Cheese and Onion.  On the new timeline this bag has always been blue.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented contact lenses

Mandela Effect: Leonardo Da Vinci did not invent contact lenses New Timeline: Leonardo Da Vinci invented contact lenses Those that experience the Mandela Effect know that Leonardo Da Vinci was known for a lot of things but contact lenses was not one of them.  On this timeline however he invented them!

Einstein’s Insanity Quote

Mandela Effect: Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” New Timeline: He never said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Many people are familiar with the quote.  Those that experience the ME are shocked to learn that on […]

Origins of Tomato sauce

Mandela Effect: Tomato sauce originated in Italy New Timeline: Tomato sauce originated in Mexico When you think about tomato sauce you instantly think about Italy.  This also goes with the origins of tomato sauce.  Not on this timeline!  Tomato sauce originated in Mexico with the first recipe from 1540.

London Bridge Moves

Mandela Effect: The original London Bridge is in London New timeline:  It was moved to Arizona The original London Bridge had houses and shops built on it and was in bad shape. It was sold and brought to Arizona by Robert P McCulloch who made it a tourist attraction in Lake Havasu, AZ.

By Definition Switzerland is a 3rd World Country

Mandela Effect: Switzerland is not a 3rd world country New Timeline: Switzerland is a 3rd world country by definition Switzerland is technically one of the richest countries in the world, so it’s amazing it would be considered 3rd world.  According to the new timeline definition for 3rd world status, it’s now considered one. Those that […]

Grumpy Cat Dies Again

Mandela Effect: Grumpy Cat died before 2019 New Timeline: Grumpy cat died in 2019.  They recall that she died years ago.

The First Sci-Fi Story

Mandela Effect: The first Sci-fi story, Frankenstein, was written in 1818 New Timeline:  The first Sci-fi was created in 2AD Some that experience Mandela Effect recall the first Sci-fi being that of the story of Frankenstein.  On this timeline however, the first Sci-fi was a Sumerian text written in 2AD.

Library of Alexandria

Mandela Effect Thousands of books burned New Timeline: No books were burned Those that experience the ME recall that thousands of books burned in the Library of Alexandria.  They are surprised to find that on this timeline no books or scrolls burned.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Mandela Effect: “I Was a Teenage Gary” scene contains Squidward snail morph scene New Timeline: The episode does not contain Squidward snail morph scene There is an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that now has some changes.  It’s missing the scene that contains the Squidward morph scene.

Olympic Flame Relay

Who started the Olympic flame relay? MMDE: Ancient Greeks Current: Nazi Germany We’re all familiar with the origin of the Olympic games. Starting in ancient Greece from the 8th century BC, in the city which bears it’s name, Olympia, they ran until the 4th century AD before being started again in the modern era with […]

Hitchcocks The Birds was Black and White

Mandela Effect: The Birds’ was black and white New Timeline: The Birds’ was filmed in color People often remember the movie being colorized later. Even some of the cast thought so.

Say Candyman 3 Times

Mandela Effect: Say ‘Candyman’ 3 times New Timeline: Say ‘Candyman’ 5 times Movie: 1992, written by Clive Barker, an urban legend, summon the Candyman by saying his name 3 times in front of a mirror. It used to be 3, today it’s 5. Even in the movie now, she says it 4 times now, and […]

What happened to the Dodo?

Mandela Effect: It was understood, Humans ate the Dodo. New timeline: Human brought other animals that ate them all For thousands of years, on the island of Mauritius, without natural predators, the flightless Dodo has it good. 100 years after Humans settled there too though, the Dodo was no more, approx. 1681. The old story […]

Artist: Seal, Song: Kiss from a rose

Mandela Effect: The Lyrics are: “Kissed by a rose on the grave” New Timeline: “Kissed by a rose on the grey” 1994 – Batman Forever soundtrack. The lyrics are strange, but they’ve changed anyway so…

Movie: Cats vs Dogs

Mandela Effect: It used to be: Cats vs Dogs New Timeline: Cats & Dogs 2001, the war between cats and dogs, the movie. So apparently, as many remember, the movie Cats vs Dogs never existed.

Agatha Christie disappears

Mandela Effect: Agatha Christie disappearance in 1926, forever. New Timeline: Agatha Christie was found in 1926. The most famous mystery writer of her day, Agatha Christie, in 1926, disappeared from her Berkshire home. Over 1,000 police officers and aeroplanes searched tirelessly. Her 7 year old daughter, Rosalind, was left behind. On the new timelines, she […]

Mount Everest, the tallest?

Mandela Effect: Mount Everest is, and has always been, the tallest mountain, and the highest altitude on the planet. New timeline: It isn’t? Some say it’s now Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, the Nevado Huascaran in Peru, or an Everest in Australia? Everest isn’t even 2nd!

Albert Finney died in 2019

Mandela Effect: Albert Finney did not die in 2019 New Timeline: Albert Finney died in 2019 Albert Finney, Actor: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning , Tom Jones, Two for the Road, Scrooge, and more.

Slash died in 1992

Mandela Effect Slash didn’t die in 1992 New timeline: Slash did die in 1992 Slash technically died in 1992 for 8 minutes after an overdose, but thankfully, he recovered. Slash checked out of hospital, and headed to the next show.

Salem Witches were hanged

Mandela Effect: The Salem Witches were either drowned or burnt at the stake New timeline: The Salem Witches were most certainly hanged 1692, Massachusetts, the infamous Salem Witch trials. More than 150 men women and children were accused and 19 were murdered. They were all later pardoned? If memory serves us, they were burnt at […]

Steve Jobs stole the mouse from Xerox

Mandela Effect: Apparently, Steve Jobs stole the idea for the mouse from Xerox New timeline: Steve Jobs did not steal the idea for the mouse from Xerox Steve saw a mouse on a visit to Xerox in 1979. The first Apple mouse came out in 1984. A Xerox equivalent had been on sale for a […]

Al Capone’s put the first expiration dates on milk

Mandela Effect: The FDA was the first to put expiration dates on milk New timeline: Al Capone put the first expiration dates on milk bottles The lore is that his family member in Chicago became ill from drinking expired milk, so after moving into the milk business, Al ensured that a law was passed to […]

Australia’s highest mountain

Mandela Effect: Australia’s highest mountain is Kosciuszko New timeline: Australia’s highest mountain isn’t Kosciuszko after all? The highest point on Australia is Mount Kosciuszko. But it’s not the highest mountain in Australia? In 1947, Great Britain handed back to the Commonwealth of Australia the Heard and McDonald Islands in the Indian Ocean. Heard Island has […]


Mandela Effect: The Great Tartary never existed New timeline: Tartary was real, from the middle ages to the mid 1800’s Larger than Russia, from the middle ages ’til the mid-1800’s. Tartary disappeared. It had its own flag, government and was a major political power until the 18th century, and then?

The Gospel of Judas Iscariot

The Mandela Effect: There is no Gospel according to Judas New timeline: There is now a Gospel according to Judas… 280AD, the Codex Tchacos, Egypt, 1970’s, now published by The National Geographic Society: The Gospel of Judas. Controversial: Judas was the only disciple with the true message.

David Soul died in 2016

Mandela Effect: David Soul died in 2016 New timeline: David Soul didn’t die in 2016 Starsky and Hutch, music, theatre, movies, David Soul was a heart throb. He was alive and well as of Feb 2019, he didn’t die in 2016? Other credits: Star Trek, Miami Vice (director), Little Britain, Death on the Nile, & […]

The Birdman of Alcatraz

Mandela Effect: The birdman of Alcatraz had hundreds of birds New timeline: The birdman of Alcatraz had zero birds at Alcatraz Reference, the famous 60’s movie starring Burt Lancaster. Robert Stroud was a violent murderer sentenced to hang 3 times, each delayed on appeal. He finally got life imprisonment, in Leavenworth prison, 1920, in solitary […]

How many wise men were there?

Mandela Effect: 3 wise men came to see baby Jesus New timeline: The number isn’t stated The carol says “we three kings”, but the Bible doesn’t say how many wise men there were, nor how many gifts, and did they even visit when he was a wee tot, or years later!?

The Bare Necessities

Mandela Effect: Does he say, “I couldn’t be fonder of my big home” New timeline: “I couldn’t be found of my big home” Movie, 1967, memorable songs, “The Bare Necessities”. Listen to the original, it says “I couldn’t be found of my big home”? It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s nonsense. Huh?

George W Bush Assassination attempt 2006

Mandela Effect: There was no assassination attempt on George Bush in 2006 New timeline: There was an assassination attempt on George Bush in 2006 In 2006, Georgia someone threw a grenade at his podium.

Demolition Derby

Mandela Effect: It was titled: Demolition Derby New timeline: it was titled “Destruction Derby” The smash hit, on the PS1, from the 90’s… never existed. There was a game called “Destruction Derby”, but was it the same?

The Unabomber, MK Ultra

Mandela Effect: The Unabomber wasn’t an MK Ultra victim New timeline: The Unabomber was an MK Ultra victim The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, killed 3 people and injured 23 others via a bombing campaign between 1978 and 1995. He was a hermit, and he was an MK Ultra victim? Look it up. He got 8 life […]

The Inception score, the Foghorn

Mandela Effect: “Inception” was the first movie to use the distinctive foghorn sound. New timeline: The foghorn wasn’t even in “Inception”!? It’s not in the movie. At all. Go rewatch it.

Cleopatra’s Tomb

Mandela Effect: Cleopatra’s tomb location is known New timeline: Cleopatra’s tomb has never been found The most powerful woman in the world. Egypt’s last Queen. Tomb location unknown. She died at age 39, 30 BC.

The Dukes of Hazzard’s car

Mandela Effect: The car was most certainly orange New timeline: the car was flame Red It was the 70’s & 80’s. Just some good old boys, Luke and Bo, and Daisy, Jesse, Boss Hogg and more … and The General Lee, the car. Was the car orange? Or “flame red”? You tell me.


Mandela Effect: The Starbucks crown has no star New timeline: The Starbucks crown has a star Starbucks is on 6 continents, in 76 countries, and has 27,340 locations, oh and it’s in all the oceans.

David Carradine died in 2009

Mandela Effect: David Carradine didn’t die in 2009 New timeline: David Carradine did die in 2009 An explanation for the David Carradine Mandela Effect? He died in 2009, but movies kept coming out, as late as 2017. Born 1936, named after his father John Carradine, he went to the US Army, and first appeared on […]

Abraham Lincoln, a Christian?

Mandela Effect: Abraham Lincoln was Christian New timeline: Abraham Lincoln was not a Christian He grew up in a Baptist family, but he never even became a church member. A non-Christian President in America is a rarity.

Little Richard died in 2016

Mandela Effect: Little Richard died in 2016 New timeline: Little Richard didn’t die in 2016 a-wap-bap-a-loo-bop — a-wap-bom-boo! 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. Little Richard died in 2016, but he’s alive and well in 2019! Listen to: “Tutti Frutti“, “Lucille“, “Long Tall Sally” and “Good Golly Miss Molly“.

The Bermuda Triangle

Mandela Effect: Steer clear of the Bermuda Triangle! New timeline: Totally safe The numbers of disappearances, crashes, etc show… it’s perfectly safe. Coined “The Bermuda Triangle” in 1964 by Vincent Gaddis, rumours just grew …

9/11 New York

Mandela Effect: 3 buildings collapsed New timeline: 7 The Twin Towers and the WTC 7. Most remember 3 buildings destroyed, so can the figure be 7? St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Marriott World Trade Center (Marriott Hotel 3 WTC), South Plaza (4 WTC), and U.S. Customs (6 WTC), The Verizon Building? The Pentagon didn’t collapse. 

Richard Simmons wait where’s the headband?

Mandela Effect: Um, he ALWAYS wore a headband! New timeline: nope It was the 1980’s, the craze was the workout video cassette. Jane Fonda had already set the scene. But check images of him on the internet, not a headband to be seen… Other credits: General Hospital, Hollywood Squares & The Price is Right.

The Father Christmas brand

Mandela Effect The Santa we all know today looked much the same in, was envisioned and fashioned in 1850 New timeline: He’s new! He’s from 1931! Father Christmas as we know him today become popular … in the 1930’s … thanks to … Coca Cola! The first Coca-Cola ad, 1931, in The Saturday Evening Post.

St Nicholas clothes

Mandela Effect: His clothes, before red, were white New timeline: they’re Tan/green Born in Greece, 270 AD, he became a bishop. He was a wealth man due to inheritance. He helped the poor. Secret Santa?

David and Goliath

Mandela Effect: Goliath was 9 feet 6 inches tall New timeline: Goliath was only 6 feet 9 inches A Biblical tale, an epic battle, Goliath, a huge giant, David, a sling and some rocks. David rocks Goliath, but how tall was he?

Hamlet, Yorick

Mandela Effect: Of course we remember Yorick, In Hamlet, right? New Timeline: Nope “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well”, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Now it’s Horatio!?

A.1. Steak Sauce

Mandela Effect: Come on, it’s A-1 Steak Sauce New timeline: nope, it’s A1 Steak Sauce The original goes back to King George IV, 1824! But does it have a dash? Trade mark – 1895.

Mickey Mouse’s wore suspenders

Mandela Effect: Mickey Mouse wore suspenders New timeline: Mickey Mouse didn’t wear suspenders Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928. Today, he has no suspenders. Aren’t you certain he had suspenders? Remember him snapping them in time with the music?

Titanic Champagne bottle

Mandela Effect: It bounced but didn’t break, which was bad luck New timeline: There wasn’t even a champagne bottle at all The Christening of the Titanic. People remember that the champagne bottle didn’t break during the launch ceremony. It meant bad luck, and you know how that turned out. The White Star line though, the […]

Where oh where is Fort Knox

Mandela Effect: Some insist, Fort Knox is in Tennessee New timeline: It’s in Kentucky Some remember Fort Knox, built in 1918, in Tennessee, but today, well, it’s always been in Kentucky. Gold reserves, a military base, it’s security incarnate. Were you placed there, and you sure you were in Tennessee

The Blackout Ripper

Mandela Effect: The Blackout Ripper is well known New timeline: The Blackout Ripper is barely known Gordon Cummings murdered 6 women in London during the blackouts of the second world war. He was hanged. The thing is, no one has ever have heard of him? He was a soldier, and left a gas mask with […]

Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Mandela Effect: “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” New timeline:  “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” wasn’t said on “I love Lucy”! It was an advertisement, an early “meme”, but never actually got said on the show! I Love Lucy ran from 1951 to 1957 and won five Emmy Awards.

Gilligans Island Skipper’s black hat

Mandela Effect: The hat was black New timeline: it was Navy blue The photos today show it as navy, but wasn’t it black? Or white? Grey? In 1964 who could tell?

Freddy Krueger’s sweater

Mandela Effect: His sweater was black and red New timeline: the sweater was clearly green and red 1984, horror, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, a razor glove, and a striped sweater. Many remember it as black and red, but today it’s green and red.

Rip Torn died in 2017

Mandela Effect: Rip Torn died in 2017 New timeline: Rip Torn didn’t die in 2017 He was on the Larry Sanders Show, then in Easy Rider, Men in Black and even Columbo. Many remember him dying in 2017, but instead he died at 88 in 2019.

Movie: They Live

Mandela Effect: The Movie is titled: “They Live!” New timeline, the movie is titled: “They Live” 1988, “the ultimate conspiracy theory movie”, it’s ironic that it became the subject of one itself. It’s based on the 1963 short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson.

Nigerian Prince Scam

Mandela Effect: It started in the 1980’s New timeline: It goes back to the 1830’s! Some individual claims to be able to get a large amount of money, with a little help from YOU. It’s not addressed to you, because it’s sent in bulk, hoping you’ll believe them. Then you respond, and they have you… […]

British teeth

Mandela Effect: British teeth are atrocious New timeline: British teeth are super healthy and perfect People think British teeth are horrible, but the BBC found otherwise. You can check the statistics for missing and capped teeth. They’re better than U.S. teeth.

Break dancing

Mandela Effect: It appeared in the 70’s New timeline: It was around as far back as the 30’s There’s footage showing break dancing in the 30’s, check it out.

The Guillotine

When was it used last? We’d like to think it hasn’t been in use since 1877… New timeline: yikes, 1977 Medeival, French Revolution, for sure, so not since the 1700’s right? Oh no, the second world war? Later even!? It was the official method of capital punishment until 1981.

Boil a frog

Mandela Effect: Supposedly, a frog will stay in heating water all the way until it boils. It doesn’t notice the temperature rising. New timeline: Um, yeah, no More relevant to Humans: incremental, small tax changes, quickly passed strange laws…

The first self driving car

Mandela Effect: Supposedly, there was such a thing in 1988? In the new timeline, supposedly there was such a thing in 1968! A Mercedes Benz 250 Automatic, it was developed by Continental’s experimental R&D in the 60’s, to test tires, and it was called the “E-Auto”. It was controlled by wire on the roads surface, […]

The World’s first traffic light

Mandela Effect: The first traffic light appeared in 1908 New timeline: There was one as far back as 1868 The first traffic light, in 1868, outside the Houses of Parliament in London, was gas, and it was operated by a policeman next to it. It organized otherwise chaotic horse and cart traffic, prior to automobiles […]

Tunguska deaths

Mandela Effect: Hundreds of people died New timeline: None died A massive explosion occurred in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. Some say a meteorite exploded above the area. The energy was supposedly 10-15 megatons, 1,000 times Hiroshima, but today, supposedly, there were no deaths. 80 MILLION trees were FLOORED. 830 sq miles. Some thought it was […]

Wile E Coyote

Mandela Effect: It was: Wiley E Coyote New timeline: Wile E Coyote It used to be Wiley E Coyote, but if you’re experiencing a Mandela Effect, because now it’s “Wile E Coyote”. He never caught the roadrunner It began in 1949, and maybe you remember.

Denis Norden died in 2018

Mandela Effect: It seem many remember Denis dying in the early 2000’s but the New timeline has him dying in 2018 He was 96, and worked in cinema, radio and TV, writing scripts for Hollywood films.

Was Atlantis a continent, or a city?

Mandela Effect: Atlantis was most definitely a continent New timeline: Atlantis was a city, on an island Plato described Atlantis in some detail, and said it was destroyed 9000 years before his time. How could he know that I wonder? Did it exist at all?

Rosie: We can do it!

Mandela Effect: It seems people remember her smiling New timeline: but now at least, she’s not smiling From the 1943 “We can Do It!” war poster, “Rosie the Riveter”, was an awesome figure in a time in which women stepped in and did what was traditionally the work of men. She was a government marketing […]

Three little pigs

Mandela Effect: I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your douse Down! New timeline: I’ll blow your house In! First published in the 1840’s, ask people to complete the line, and you’re in for a surprise. The pigs even appear today in the Toy Story and Shrek movies. Their names are apparently: Browny, Whitey […]

The Fly: color, or black and white?

Mandela Effect: Of course it was Black and white! New timeline: No no, it was in Color! TV’s from the late 50’s and 60’s were black and white, but was the movie as well? All historical proof now seems to conclude that it was filmed in color. It began as a short story by George […]

Bananas grow upside down now

Mandela Effect: Many remember bananas as growing downwards. But the new timelines has them assuredly fixed at bottom and pointing upwards. Have you seen them growing? Do you remember which way they were pointed? Interestingly, the banana is a berry.

Hiking emjoji

Mandela Effect: Of course someone made a hiking emoji, come on. New timeline: The one everyone remembers is gone! I’m not certain I totally understand this one. It might need further research…

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Mandela Effect: George Burns would say, “Say goodnight, Gracie”, and Gracie would reply, “Goodnight, Gracie” New timeline: Gracie simply replied, “Goodnight” Many remember the way George Burns ended his show in the 1950’s. Gracie Allen, was a friendly scatterbrained character. He’d turn to her and say, “Say goodnight, Gracie”, she’d reply “Goodnight Gracie”. The thing […]

Earliest air-to-air missiles

Mandela Effect: It was though that they were practically fireworks, in 1930 The new timeline now insists they were introduced in 1916 Fired from an aircraft, they were called the Le Prieur rocket, and they were meant to disturb balloons and airships, mostly in WW1. They were unguided, crude, pretty much a cardboard tube filled […]

Shape of the Statue of Liberty’s torch

Mandela Effect: The consensus seem to be that it’s smooth, rounded, symmetrical, and pointing straight up. New timeline: It’s now sharp, unbalanced, flames pointing to the side? How do you remember it? Side note, the torch was replaced in 1986 and is covered in 24K gold.

Piano Man

“Son can you play me a _____?” Previously: “Son can you play me a Memory?” Under the new timeline: “Son can you play me a Melody?” Well, it’s a fun one either way. Piano man lyrics Here’s the full song today: It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday The regular crowd shuffles in There’s an old […]

Mighty Mouse

Mandela Effect: Don’t you remember? He had a “M” on chest New timeline: Nope, just a plain costume It was 1942, and he was originally called Super Mouse. He sported a nice bright cape, with an “M” on the chest, or so it seemed in our memories? In 2005 Apple released the “Apple Mighty Mouse”, […]

Burning Bras

Mandela Effect: According to our collective memory, thousands of bras were burnt. According to the new timeline: Very few were actually burnt. The women’s lib movement, the 1960’s, protests and rallies, insisted you should “Burn your bra”. In actuality, very few were burnt. There are videos for the cameras during rallies, but there just wasn’t […]

King Arthur, did he exist?

Mandela Effect: We’ve all heard the tales. Historically, collectively, we thought King Arthur probably actually existed New timeline: Yeah, probably not. King Arthur most likely did not exist He’s a legendary figure surrounded by myth and mystery. Known for the Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur, the Lady in the Lake, ah yes, and Merlin. […]

Jet Engines

How are Jet Engines in passenger aircraft fixed? The controversy lies in how they’re afixed to the wing. Memory tells us that they’re fully underneath the wings Per the new timeline though, jet engines are afixed forward of the wings They’re now actually SO forward of the wing people now say, have they been like […]

Christopher Reeves or Reeve

Mandela Effect: It was most certainly Christopher Reeves New timeline: Now it’s Christopher Reeve I have to admit. I grew up on CR. He was stunning, romantic, kind, tall, superman incarnate. But was it Reeves, or Reeve? I’d swear it was Reeves! Now, George Reeves did play Superman from 1952 to 1958, could the similarity […]

Pearl Harbor: a newspaper detailed the attack in 1937, 4 years before it happened

Mandela Effect: What an absurd notion, nobody remembers a newspaper detailing the attack in 1937, 4 years before it happened, right? New timeline: A newspaper detailed the attack in 1937 How were the exact details of the raid published in a newspaper 4 years before it happened? Well, apparently, the article is super accurate. It […]

Humans killed by Great White Sharks

Mandela Effect: It sees we’ve long feared the Great White, but maybe they don’t really kill Humans? If our memory serves us, Great Whites have killed thousands, right? New timeline: 11 They’ve been around for 400 millions years. They’re the perfect killing machine. Not until 1975 though, educated by the movie JAWS, were they a […]

The Pyramid Mummies

Mandela Effect: Duh, there were many mummies discovered in the Pyramids New timeline: There were no mummies found in the Pyramids!? The tombs of the Pharaohs right? But the answer to how many mummies were found in the pyramids today is none. Were they robbed? And there weren’t any Hieroglyphics, at all, inside the Pyramids!? […]

Imagine John Lennon’s suit

Mandela Effect: In the Imagine video, John Lennon’s suit was white. New timeline: John Lennons suit was black He enters a mansion with Yoko Ono into a white room with a white piano. The suit he was wearing was white too, right? Now it was black – with white dots. Or was it colored specs? […]

Cinderella’s ears

Mandela Effect: Cinderella’s ears are shown often New timeline: Cinderella’s ears are simply not shown, often, if ever. People say her ears are never shown. The first film was in 1950. But the new ones don’t show them either.

The first car to hit 100 kph

Mandela Effect: It was Not an electric car New timeline: wow, yup, an electric car The first car to hit 100 kph was electric, in 1899. Awesome. It happened at Achères, Yvelines, in France and got up to 105.882 kph. The vehicle was named “La Jamais Contente”. It was driven by Camille Jenatzy. It looked […]

Etch-A-Sketch or Etch A Sketch

Hyphens or not? Established: Etch-A-Sketch New timeline: Etch A Sketch Everyone has doodled on an Etch-A-Sketch, whether in the 60’s, or today. But it was never an “Etch-A-Sketch”. It has always been an “Etch A Sketch”. Now I hear they’re digital, huh??

The first Facsimile

Mandela Effect: History has it marked in stone, the first Fax was sent in 1964 New timeline: The first Fax was sent back in 1846 The first commercial fax, was introduced by Xerox in 1964. Alexander Bain filed a patent in 1843 to transmit an image over wires. He built a machine which did this […]

Stouffers Stove Top Stuffing

Mandela Effect: Stouffers made Stove Top Stuffing New timeline: Stouffers did not make Stove Top Stuffing. Then who did!? Stouffers never made Stove Top Stuffing. Stouffers, formed in 1914 in Ohio, did frozen foods. Now owned by Nestlé. But never made Stove Top Stuffing. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover.

How many moons does Jupiter have?

Found less? So many, over 300 New timeline: nope, now it’s under 100 Recent reports claim that Jupiter has 79 moons. The first were discovered by Galileo, in 1610, some of them visible by the naked eye? Ganymede, for one, is larger than Mercury. Rabbit hole.

Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

Mandela Effect: Poor baby Jane, as we all know, was push Blanche down the stairs New timeline: Jane did not push Blanche down the stairs 1962, Movie, psychological thriller, “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?”. Some pretty disturbing scenes, a large creepy mansion, wheelchairs tipped down staircases… Was it another show, movie, play, why do we […]

A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock

Mandela Effect: They called him Mad Dog Murdock New timeline: Howling Mad Murdock? hugh? It was Howling Mad Murdock, he was never called Mad Dog. Yikes, I better rewatch those. With a 93% approval rating, the A-Team ran from 1983 to 1987. They needed to clear their names from a mission they carried out as […]

Easter Island statues

Mandela Effect: There were never any hats folks New timeline: Search around, some Easter Island statues are wearing hats now? Some people are sure they’ve seen them, and remembered them. For others, no way. They were carved by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island in Polynesia, 1300 years ago. There are over 900 of […]

Kirk Douglas died before his 101st birthday

Mandela Effect: The world was dismayed when KD died just before his 101st birthday New timeline: He didn’t die at all The reports were widespread, dead. He did have a stroke in 1996, but it didn’t kill him. Born Issur Danielovitch, December 9, 1916, in over 90 movies, westerns, epics, gangster thrillers, he played Vincent […]


Mandela Effect: Aladdin was clearly Arabian New timeline: Chinese!? The original tale from the Night of Arabia: Aladdin was Chinese, not Arabian Aladdin was not an orphan, he lived with his mother He was not a foreigner but a native to China Um, so now I’m so confused.

Queen Victoria took coke?

Mandela Effect: We’d never have thought that Queen Victoria could have ever taken cocaine New timeline: Yup, Queen Victoria took cocaine Before the war on drugs madness, you could casually buy cocaine, opium and arsenic in the 19th century. It was common in the day. Queen Victoria liked it in her chewing gum. Arthur Conan […]

Popeye’s enemy, Bluto or Brutus

Mandela Effect: Popeye’s enemy was Brutus, what nonsense. New timeline: Popeye’s enemy was sometimes Bluto, and sometimes Brutus For most of the episodes is enemy was actually “Bluto”! He’s not too smart. He’s strong. Popeye’s spinach always bested him though. In 1957 his name was changed, from Bluto to Brutus, but it still seems … […]

Humpty Dumpty is not an egg

Mandela Effect: Come on, we all know, we all remember, Humpty Dumpty is an egg New timeline: Humpty Dumpty is not an egg What is Humpty Dumpty? Nothing in the original indicates that he was an egg. Was he a cannon? Gotta get me a copy now.

Steve Bartman catch

Mandela Effect Steve Bartman caught the ball New timeline: Steve Bartman didn’t catch the ball In 2003 Steve Bartman caught a ball still in play, and ruined the game for the Chicago cubs. He was escorted out of the stadium. Did he keep the ball? The thing is, he never even caught the ball, but […]

The Mona Lisa’s identity

Enigmatic Her identity has always been a total mystery, an unknown New timeline: History has always known the historical truth about Mona It’s a big mystery, yet now we hear she’s the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Lisa del Giocondo – is listed officially in the Louvre. The portrait is known as La Gioconda. Napoleon […]

Dirty Harry

Mandela Effect: It was, without a doubt, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” New timeline: No, it can’t be, it’s “Do I feel lucky?” Clint Eastwood, 1972, “Dirty Harry”, he’s just chased a criminal down, aims and asks “Do you feel lucky, punk?”, but that’s not what he said. So, the line is “You’ve got to […]

The Sound Of Music

Mandela Effect: We remember it as “Brown paper packages tied up with string” But the current timelines has “Brown paper packages tied up with stringS” That’s the Mandela Effect. Deal with it.

Independence Day

Internet Meme Come on, he said,  “Welcome to Earf” Now though, it’s fixed, “Welcome to Earth” The movie, Independence Day, Will Smith, saying “Welcome To Earf”. It was cool. It was off. Now he just says “Welcome to Earth”. Check the Memes. Google it.

Mick Foley died in 1998

Mandela Effect: You remember, Mike Foley died in a cage match in 1998, right? New timeline: Nope, he did not die in a cage match in 1998 Before the WWE, it was the WWF. The match got dubbed, “Hell in a Cell”, in 1998. The cage ripped him apart. But as you know, not now…

Norma Jean Mortenson: Marilyn Monroe

Mandela Effect: Her real name? Norma Jean Mortenson New timeline: Norma Jeane Mortenson Norma Jean Baker, Norma Jean Mortenson, nope, it’s Norma Jeane Mortenson, baptised Norma Jeane Baker. The Jeane ends with an “e”.

Madonna’ birthname

Mandela Effect: Quite simply, it was Maria Louise Ciccone New timeline: Madonna Louise Ciccone Many people remember Madonna’s birth name not to be “Madonna Louise Ciccone” but “Maria Louise Ciccone”, or sometimes “Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone”.

The Pilsbury Dough boy

Mandela Effect: Listen, his neckerchief has always been BLUE! New timeline: Okay, now it’s white That famous giggle. What color is his neckerchief? Blue right!? His name is Poppin’ Fresh, and he appeared in 1965, and his ‘kerchief’, um, is now, um, white.

Elvis, a black belt

Mandela Effect: Give me a break, Elvis was NOT a black belt New timeline: Yup, he sure was He trained with Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee, and reached the 7th degree? It was 1972, and he even taught at kenpo at the Pasaryu Karate Association. He started out in karate in the Army in 1958. […]

Friends’ Theme

Mandela Effect: “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall..”, right? New timeline: “When the rain starts to pour” How. No. When did it change? Geesh. The band, the Rembrandts, were a one hit wonder, but it’s a pretty good hit eh.

Thomas Jefferson was a father of 6, with his slave

Mandela Effect: We’d never heard of this. Thomas Jefferson was against slavery, right? How could he have not one, but SIX children with one of his slaves? New timeline: Yes, 6, exactly so. The author of the Declaration of Independence, a Founding Father, the 3rd President, and father to many slave children, DNA supporting. Good […]

World’s first network telecoms hack, in 1834

Mandela Effect: Come on, there wasn’t a network telecoms hack in 1834 New timeline: There was a network telecoms hack in 1834 It was a scam. Napoleons comms network. It was uncovered in 1836. Have a search of it.

FDR was paralyzed from the waist down

Mandela Effect: The historical facts (memories?): FDR was not paralyzed as president New timeline: FDR was paralyzed for the 12 years he was president US President Franklin Roosevelt, total paralysis from the waist down, a secret hidden for 12 years, wow. He was apparently 39 when he contracted polio, but now it’s thought to have […]

The Laughing Cow’s ear rings

Mandela Effect: Clearly remembered, the Laughing cow has gold ear-rings. Period. New timeline: Nope, the Laughing cow has cheese packets for ear-rings? “She has earrings with visible rings, which can be confusing when trying to remember her appearance”. Reddit.

Capricorn is no longer a goat

Mandela Effect: All throughout history, duh, Capricorn is a goat! New timeline: Capricorn is now a goat-fish. I mean a what? The Zodiac. The symbol for Capricorn. A goat. Nope, now it’s a “goat-fish” thing. Not sure how to best help here, but yes, now that you’ve checked the MEL, it’s a thing, you’re not […]

Kennedy Assassination: How many people were in the car?

Mandela Effect: Usually, people say that there were 4 people in the car Now though, under the new timeline, there were 6 in the car Dallas, 1963, the front 2 are obscured. It’s a 6 seater. Does it matter? It very well might…

Nostradamus or Nostradamas?

Mandela Effect: It was Nostradamas darnit. New timeline: Search engines will even correct the spelling for you, it’s Nostradamus now. Nostradamus was French, and his book was published in 1555. It has rarely been out of print since. He prophesied (okay, that’s totally NOT how that used to be spelled, but I digress), and he […]

Your Kidneys aren’t where they used to be

Mandela Effect: Okay, this, in my opinion, is the Mother of al MEs. Your kidneys have always been in …. your Lower back! Um, nope, under the new timeline, they reside neatly in your Lower chest, I give up. Remember the ‘kidney punch’? Where was it? This affects doctors, massage therapists, sports fighters, those in […]

Jack the Ripper killed 5 women

Mandela Effect I remember the lesson, Jack the Ripper killed 7 women New timeline: Jack the Ripper killed 5 women! The police records say 5, many remember 7, and some even 11. They were never solved.

Cousin Itt, or It

Mandela Effect: Cousin It. Without question. New timeline: It’s now Cousin Itt He was all hair. He spoke gibberish. He wore a bowler hat and glasses. In the 1993 film, Addams Family Values, he announced “What”, a miniature It.

Nokia hails from?

Mandela Effect: First of all, if you had one, we know how old you are. Secondly, folks, this is Internet era… but only kinda. Anyway, dug, Nokia is Japanese New timeline: Wait what!? Nokia is Finnish? It was bought by Microsoft at one point. Today, it’s back, but we know it’s not the same fools. […]

The Karate Kid’s headband

Mandela Effect: Ok, see the photo? It was a Lower red rising sun New timeline: Central black circle? Movie: the Karate Kid, 1984 I’ll let you decide. Anyway, it’s a thing.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Oscar

Mandela Effect: Okay, seriously, I’m not counting. I mean, aren’t they pulling all the string already? But it seems like I remember Leonardo Di Caprio winning an Oscar before 2016 New timeline: Leonardo Di Caprio won his first Oscar in 2016 Deja-vu, 2016, the same acceptance speech, so he didn’t win in 1999, Titanic? He’s […]

Human Skull holes

Mandela Effect: Mandela Effected folk love to talk about anatomy. Unfortunately, I never was skilled in anatomy, but apparently there were never two holes in the jaw of the human skull. New timeline: There are two holes in the jaw of the human skull Were they for nerves and blood vessels? Neanderthals had them but […]

Uncle Sam’s hat

Mandela Effect: Uncle Sams hat had vertical red stripes New timeline: Uncle Sams hat is white, no red stripes “I want YOU for U.S. Army”, a 100 year old poster. But what color was his hat? It seems that historical reality isn’t the terra firma that we’ve been taught it is…

Winston Churchill’s speach

His most famous speech Oft remembered to say, “We will fight them on the beaches” New timeline: “We shall fight on the beaches” Sorry, before my time, and I’m no historian. I’ll have to do some research. Meanwhile Mandela Effectors, here’s the speech: Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States […]

Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight

I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life How many times have you sung along to it: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, Hold on” New timeline: ah but now it says, “”I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord” Phil recounted the time he […]

War of the Worlds radio broadcast

Mandela Effect: It worked. What a stunt. What Art. The War of the Worlds radio broadcast caused a panic New timeline: meh, its remembered by professors and historians, but it didn’t really cause any big bang yo 1938, radio, Orson Wells, “The War of the Worlds”, a classic. It was part of the Halloween episode […]

When was Mother Teresa made a Saint?

Mandela Effect: She became a saint in the 1990’s, you remember right? New timeline: She wasn’t made a saint until 2016 Thought she already was one. She won the Nobel Peace prize, the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize, India’s highest civilian award, and the Bharat Ratna. Maybe I’m just confusing the ceremonies. The beatification process […]


Mandela Effect Chartreuse is a maroon shade of red New timeline: Chartreuse is yellowish green, or maybe even a modifyer According to Wikipedia, it’s “exactly half way between yellow and green”, but wasn’t it once a purplish red color? Oh well, Je ne sais pas

The man in the moon

Mandela Effect: You could clearly see a mans face in the light of the moon New timeline: Nope, there was never a a mans face in the moon. These are not the droids… Ok. Whatever.

The color of the sun

Mandela Effect: The sun was clearly yellow and now it is white New timeline: The sun has ALWAYS been white. I can’t win here. Send us a note if you’ve experienced this one. Wild. And it’s more intense now too? What are we saying?

The Boston Strangler

Mandela Effect: No way, of course Texas would never pass a law honoring The Boston Strangler! Right? New timeline: Texas passed a law honoring The Boston Strangler for his services to population control. That takes the cake. That’s the line. Raise my white flag. A legislator was sick of the panel he was on constantly […]

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama

Mandela Effect: The song, Sweet Home Alabama, is about … No person, it’s just a feel good song New timeline: It’s about Neil Young! 1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama”, is a song about Neil Young!? Seems to pan out: Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her Well, I heard ol’ Neil put her […]

Singing in the rain

Need an umbrella? Hm, for once I think it’s the later ME, but supposedly it was “Singing in the rain” And now in the new timeline, it’s “Singin’ in the rain” It’s Gene Kelly, and it’s always been “Singin’ in the rain”. Search either though, and hit gold. Enjoy.

How many serving US presidents were shot and killed?

Mandela Effect: I’m just goofing with you. The photo is of the richest and poorest of American Presidents. The effect though, is how many serving Presidents were shot and killed, and the consensus seems to be 2, or at least it was… New timeline: 4 serving presidents have been shot and killed Lincoln and Kennedy. […]

The Diary of Anne Frank

Mandela Effect: The Title: The Diary of Anne Frank In the new timeline the title is: The Diary of a Young Girl Born in Germany in 1929, she later died in a German concentration camp. It was posthumously published in 1947. And now, the copyright has expired so it is now available for free.

Deer Hunter

Mandela Effect: Title: Deer Hunter New timeline: The Deer Hunter It was tough to pick a photo for this one. Every single shot had the main characters pointing guns at their heads. That’s right, it’s a sad, deep, oh yeah, and good movie. 1979, Vietnam, “The Deer Hunter”, or I guess now it’s just “Deer […]

JAWS movie poster bite mark

Mandela Effect: Previously, the movie poster had bite mark. I’ve chosen the “post mandela” poster as the image in this post. See if you can find the other. Under the new timeline, the movie poster, as seen here, has no bite mark. Do you remember the bit mark? 1975, JAWS. Hm, you tell me.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Mandela Effect: Dialog change: “Run, you fools!” New timeline: “Fly, you fools!” It’s an internet meme – Gandalf falling down a chasm, he cries out to his friends… But what did he say? The book says it’s “Fly”. What does your DVD say?

Grease ultramatic car

Mandela Effect: It’s been a musical many times since the movie in 1978 release. In it Danny proclaims “This car is systematic….hydromatic….ultramatic”, but are you sure he said “ultramatic”? Maybe you just wish John Travolta’s career had ended here, sorry, I guess sometimes I do. In 1978 it was the second best selling album of […]


Mandela Effect: Is she “In a Barbie world”? New timeline: She’s “In the Barbie world” The band, Aqua, from Norway, plenty of autotune. You tell me.

Bee Gees – How deep is your love?

Mandela Effect: We heard: “I really need to know” New timeline: “I really mean to learn” 1977, “How deep is your love”, “I really need to know”, but now it’s “I really mean to learn”. Hm. How do you remember it?

Marie Celeste ghost ship

Mandela Effect: Previously spelled: Marie Celeste Under the new timeline: Mary Celeste 1872, an American merchant ship, found adrift near the Azores Islands. Deserted, waterlogged, drifting for days. The last log entry was 10 days earlier. Food and supplies were plentiful, valuables were left onboard. Did aliens abduct the crew? Was it sea monsters? Why […]

Oxy Clean vs Oxi Clean

Mandela Effect: Previously: Oxy Clean New timeline: Oxi Clean There was a y, no an i, and we remember it, right!? Since 1999, we’ve all used it, or seen it. How do you remember it?

The WOW Signal Orion or Sagittarius

Mandela Effect: Originally: The WOW Signal came from Orion New timeline: The WOW Signal came from Sagittarius The WOW Signal, 1977, astronomers at Ohio State university caught a 72 second burst of radio waves that were crazy off the scales. But where did the signal originally come from? Now everything says that it came from […]

The Jackson 5 or 6

Mandela Effect: Always: The Jackson 5 had 5 members Ah but no, under the new timeline: The Jackson 5 had 6 members How many members did the Jackson 5 have? Randy Jackson appeared with the band many times from as early as 1965, bringing their member count to 6. Janet was the youngest member, not […]

Iggy Pop alive again

Mandela Effect: Many remember: Iggy Pop died in 2016 New timeline: Iggy Pop is alive and kickin’ yo Many remember him dying in 2016, do you? That year of celebrity deaths included David Bowie. Iggy is still performing at the age of 70. Born James Newell Osterberg Jr. in 1947, Iggy Pop is known for […]

Häagen-Das or Häagen-Daz

Mandela Effect: Don’t try to pull a fast one here, we REMEMBER it being Häagen-Das! New timeline: Häagen-Dazs Around since 1961 – but how is it spelled? The Bronx, New York, Reuben and Rose Mattus. Some remember it spelled “Häagen-Dazs”. Whatever.

Maradona keepie-uppies

Mandela Effect: People remember Maradona doing keepie-uppies, but only in the Munich 1989 UEFA semi-final New timeline: Maradona did keepie-uppies only in the Stuttgart 1989 UEFA final In 1989 Maradona was at his peak. He played for Napoli, and helped them win their a Serie A title, 1987. He led Argentina to their second World […]

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-ho lyrics change

Where are the dwarves going? People remember: “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go” New timeline: “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s home from work we go” It’s sung differently when they’re leaving the house vs when they’re returning. Seems kind of simple. We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day […]

Cat Stevens

Mandela Effect: Cat Stevens sang “The Cat’s in the Cradle” New timline: Cat Stevens didn’t sing “The Cat’s in the Cradle”, Yusuf Islam did, no he didn’t either eh! Steven Demetra Georgiou became Cat Stevens, then he became Yusuf Islam. Hits: Wild World, Morning Has Broken, Father and Son and The First Cut is the […]

CERN logo single or double sychrotron

Mandela Effect: The CERN logo has a single synchrotron New timeline: CERN logo has double synchrotrons Some remember it only having 1 synchrotorn. I’m not gonna lie. This one’s over my head. An ‘insider’ might be more useful: “Ok, you know what, I’m not going to embarrass the people who have confused CERN’s logo for […]

Yoko Ono died shortly after Lennon

Mandela Effect: Many remember Yoko dying shortly after John Lennon New timeline: She’s alive and Artsy as ever (November 2017) Some remember her dying of an overdose not long after John Lennon was murdered. Yoko was Lennon’s second wife, known for her performance art. She formed her own band, The Plastic Ono Band, in 1969 which […]

Band: Yes, Tales from the Topographic Ocean

Mandela Effect: The title: Tales from the Topographic Ocean According to the new timeline: Tales from Topographic Oceans The British prog rock group Yes’s best-known album, “Tales from the Topographic Ocean” is now titled “Tales from Topographic Oceans”. 1973, the sixth album from Yes, based a footnote (look it up). Concept format. Gold certification. Have […]

Charles Manson is dead again

Mandela Effecrt Manson died in the mid 2000’s New timeline: Nope, he died November 2017 Some remember him dying in 2012, from natural causes, in prison. He was found guilty of first-degree murder in 1971 even though he didn’t personally kill anyone. He was the leader of the cult known as “The Family”. He ordered […]

Niagra Falls or Niagara Falls

Mandela Effect: Originally: Niagra Falls New timeline: Niagara Falls Created around 10,000BC. The US/Canadian border. More than 6 million cubic feet flow every minute, eroded at 1 foot per year. Perhaps named by the Niagagarega tribe. Mandela spelling changes are so strange. What is a person to do?

Malcolm Young’s died before 2017

Mandela Effect: Malcolm died before November 2017 New timeline: Died November 2017 Many swear Malcolm Yound died before November 2017. Co-founder of AC/DC. Emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland in the UK, Malcolm formed AC/DC in 1973 with his brother Angus when he was 20. The name came from them seeing the letters “AC/DC” on the back […]

Where is the human heart located in the chest?

Mandela Effect: The heart is positioned fully left in the chest New timeline: Slightly left in the chest Many Effects concern themselves with the positions of the organs in the body. It seems they’re moving around. Many think of the heart as “to the left”, but it’s only slightly so.  Do you remember things the […]

Storming the Bastille

Mandela Effect: Originally, hundreds of prisoners were freed New timeline: Only 7 prisoners were freed The French Revolution was started when the angry mob stormed the Bastille, freeing everyone. History, though, only now shows 7 freed. An imposing fortress. A target for the revolutionaries. But maybe not the liberation scene its depicted to have been. […]

The Exorcist and a feeding tube

Mandela Effect: There was never a feeding tube! New timeline: There is it though, they used a feedling tube 1973, The Exorcist, Regan had a feeding tube in her nose when she was possessed? Many are sure she didn’t, but the video clearly now shows one. The Exorcist was the first horror film to be […]

Fats Domino died before 2017

Mandela Effect: People remember Fats Domino having died many years before 2017, around 2009-2011 New timeline: Fats Domino died in 2017 Legendary Rock n Roll great, that many remembered dying between 2009 and 2011. During hurricane Katrina Fats wouldn’t leave New Orleans. So maybe people thought he’d died. Fats was friends with Elvis Presley. Elvis […]

Frankensteins bolts

Mandela Effect: We all remember Frankenstein having bolts in his neck. New timeline: Now it seems they’re just neck electrodes? Large, clear nuts on either side, but now he just has clean small electrodes. We’re not referring to Hermann Munster here, who is simply a parody of the monster. And hey, electrodes makes more sense […]

Is it I see white people or I see dead people

Mandela Effect: Originally: I see white people New timeline: I see dead people Movie: Scary Movie, which made fun of the movie: The 6th Sense, had a line “I see white people”, which has changed to “I see dead people”. “I see dead people”, of course, is the original, from The 6th Sense. So, would a movie […]

How many vertical lines on the dollar symbol

Mandela Effect: Originally: One vertical line New timeline: Now, on and off, there can be two vertical lines I remember writing, yes with pen or pencil, 2. This keyboard now, has 1. I’ll leave the researching to you on this one.

Opus lyrics: Life is life or Live is life

Mandela Effect: People originally heard: Life is life New timeline: Live is life 1984, Opus hit song “life is life”, but now everywhere, jacket cover, Google, it’s clearly “Live is life” They’re Austrian, does that matter? Maybe check concert footage? It sold like hotcakes, #1 many places, 149th best of all time in France. Oh, […]

Christ the Redeemer in Rio changes size?

Mandela Effect: Some say the Christ The Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is now smaller than before. Others say it’s bigger. Construction started in 1922, and finished in 1931. It weighs 635 tons. It’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. But has it changed size? Has the robe always hung so […]

Bond, James Bond

Mandela Effect: Originally: The name’s Bond, James Bond New timeline: My name is Bond, James Bond Until Daniel Craig, the line was “My name is Bond, James Bond” or simply “Bond, James Bond”. First heard in 1962’s Dr No, created by Ian Fleming, and 1953’s Casino Royale novel. You decide.

Mickey Mouse tail or no tail

Mandela Effect: The Original Mickey Mouse had no tail New timeline: Mickey Mouse most certainly has a tail Many are worried about this, and remember it one way or the other with unbreakable certainty. A quick Google reveals many images with, and also many without. Hm…

The Peace Symbol, feet up, or down?

Mandela Effect: Apparently, many remember the 3 legs/feet pointing upwards.  New timeline: Feet down Did it change? Is it “feet up” like the two fingered victory salute, or “peace” hand gesture? Supposedly, it’s a circle, symbolizing eternity, with the ancient rune Algiz inside (traditionally “feet” up), representing life, beginning and protection. If you do some […]

The Great Wall of India

Mandela Effect: The Kumbhalgarh fortress’s wall is 36 km long. It’s the second longest in the world. It has 360 temples, but have you ever heard of it? Built for defense only, it has never been captured. It has 7 fortified gates, and is 15 feet thick. I guess, for these purposes, the question is, […]

52 US States

Mandela Effect: It seems some of us were taught that there were 52 US States. 50 + 2 republics maybe? Anyway, the new time is unwavering, there are precisely and undoubtably,  only 50 US States Some really seem to remember being taught the former. Was it perhaps including Puerto Rico, or Washington DC? Anyway, you […]

Coke Zero never appeared on the can

Mandela Effect: Originally, of course, we all saw “Coke Zero” on cans Apparently, under the new timeline: Coke Zero never was on cans Coca-Cola ditched “Coke Zero”. Many remember the name “Coke Zero” appearing on the cans and bottles. In fact though, all references of such a sight have been wiped clean today. They show […]

Judge Judy’s never used a gavel

Mandela Effect: Originally, come on, Judge Judy wielded a gavel New timeline: Judge Judy never used a gavel? Since 1996, Judge Judy has broadcasted 5000+ episodes. Many remember her using a gavel, just as any judge does. Today, all evidence of as much has neatly been wiped clean …

Blade Runner, Roy Batty: Tears in the rain

Mandela Effect: His line, “Like tears in the rain” New timeline: “Like tears in rain” Blade Runner, Roy Battys his dying line,  was “like tears in the rain”, but today, it’s “like tears in rain”. Based on Philip K Dicks “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, the movie was followed by a sequel in 2049. […]

Mike Tyson bit the ear of Evander Holyfield

Mandela Effect: I paid some crazy amount to Comcast “Pay-per-View” for the fight. We all sat around for the short ripoff length of it, and watched Tyson bite off part of Holyfield’s ear. Done. New timeline: They didn’t actually show Tyson bite off part of Holyfield’s ear 1997, Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson […]

Target logo, more rings?

Mandela Effect: Back in the day, 3 red rings New timeline: a center dot, and 1 red ring, which they’re calling altogether 2 red rings It all started as Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902. The fun Mandela’s flop back on you, changing more than once. People claim this is such an example. It’s back to […]

Alaska or Alaskan Airlines

Mandela Effect: Sometime ago, people remember it as being “Alaskan Airlines” You’ll not find anything now but “Alaska Airlines” It was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways. Now it has 118 destinations. But has its name changed?

Roy Orbison was blind

Mandela Effect: People actually thought, no doubt due to the large dark glasses, worn even at night, that Roy Orbison was blind New timeline: No, Roy Orbison certainly was not blind He purportedly sang four-octaves, dyed his hair, and both Elvis and the Beatles opened for him early in their careers.

Kim Jong il never went to the bathroom

Mandela Effect: Many North Koreans believe, to this day, that Kim Jong il never went to the bathroom. I’ll leave this to you researchers entirely. It’s here though, so that you can satiate that itch, “is that a thing”? Yes, it’s a thing. Cheers.

Now there is a Blue Tarantula

Mandela Effect: Cyriopagopus lividum Previously: nope How could it get this color? And where has something so standout, so incredible, been all this time? Well, it has been in the rainforests of South East Asia. The female grows much larger in size than the male, and of course she lives longer too. Casually it’s referred […]

Paul Merton called Jimmy Saville a pedophile

Mandela Effect: British comedian Paul Merton. Paul was on the TV show “Have I Got News For You”. One of the guests on the show was Jimmy Saville. The story goes that Merton, in an outtake, “tore into” Saville and exposed him as a pedophile, but now Merton swears it never happened. People claim to […]

Scooby doo be do, Shaggy’s adams apple is gone

Mandela Effect: Remember Shaggy’s huge Adams apple? Well, it’s gone under the new timeline: Shaggy’s Adams apple is missing Honestly, I don’t know what else to say. I’m flabbergasted. Btw, Shaggy’s real name is Norville Rogers.

Korean fan death

Mandela Effect: Sleeping in a room with a fan running and no open doors or windows can kill you. New timeline: Um, nope. The fear persists. Started by the government in the 1970’s, during an energy crisis, the government oh you get the picture. Apparently it goes as far back as 1927?

Statue of Liberty is on Ellis, no wait, Liberty Island

Mandela Effect: Originally: the Statue of Liberty was on Ellis Island New timeline: the Statue of Liberty is now on Liberty Island Ellis Island is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, but she’s on Liberty island, right? One this is for certain. She’s NOT in New Jersey. Look it up.

1910 The Lars Magnus Ericsson car phone

Mandela Effect: Previously: There was no such thing as a car phone in 1910, period. New timeline: There was, in 1910 The earliest telephone networks were wires laid along the road.  Lars Ericsson noticed that you could make a call from a car!You had to stop, extend a wire from the car, attach it to […]

Bragg or Braggs or Bragg’s

Mandela Effect: Seems it was indelibly Bragg’s New timeline: Nope, now it’s just Bragg Established in 1912, what is the name of the company? Some say Bragg’s, but today it’s just Bragg. Check the cupboard. Check Reddit. Call your Grandmother. Send us your results.

Bruce Springsteen Back pocket Bandanna

Mandela Effect: That’s a Bandanna in his back pocket. I don’t know if he’s happy to see you. New timeline: Now it’s a red cap in his back pocket “Born in the U.S.A.”, 1984. The cover of the album is his backside. According to his biography, the figure is “standing before a U.S. flag wearing […]

The Soviet Union flag has a star?

Mandela Effect: Previously, the flag had no star New timeline: the flag has a star The original Sovient Union, the “original Russian” flag, had a star? It didn’t? It’s red, with a gold Hammer and Sickle, and a small gold star, but was it always? 1923, 1980, 1991, there have been many changes, and they’ve […]

Tumeric or Turmeric

Mandela Effect, or regional influence? It’s spelled “tumeric” for many, “turmeric” for others. And you kind find evidence to support either. Is it a cultural thing, a British influence? I’m not sure how concerned I am about this one.

Harry Dean Stanton

Mandela Effect: Some think Harry Dean Stanton died around 2012 According to the new timeline: Harry Dean Stanton died in 2017 He died at 91, September 15th, 2017. Many thought he’d died in 2012 though. He was in everything from The Wild Wild West, to Alien, to Escape from New York, to Repo Man, to […]

Columbo’s first name

Mandela Effect: Originally: Columbo’s first name was Frank New timeline: Columbo’s first name wasn’t ever mentioned There’s no episode wherein his first name is ever mentioned. How can people remember it to be Frank then? Also, we never saw his wife, although mentioned liberally. She no doubt called him “Lieutenant” too. 😉

Moorlocks, pale or bright blue

Mandela effect: Originally, the Moorlocks were a quite bright blue New timeline: They’re a pale blue Movie: 1960, HG Wells, “The Time machine”. The monsters are “Moorlocks” and people remember them bright blue, with long white hair. Today they’re quite clearly a pale blue. Have another viewing. It’s a good flick either way. Cheers.

Mrs Cakehead: Cover yourself in beans or beef

Mandela Effect: Pretty sure it was “Cover yourself in beans” But now, new timeline, it’s “Cover yourself in beef” Once Mrs Cakehead became aware of this being a ME, he changed it once again, just to mess with us, which is kinda awesome. DJ, rapper from the 80’s, underground, techno, “This is a Journey into […]

Doc Martins or Doc Martens boots

Mandela Effect: Originally: Dr. Martins New timeline: Dr. Martens Well, was it Doc Martin or Doc Marten? Today everything says Dr. Martens, since its formation in 1947. The founder, Dr. Klaus Maertens, isn’t helping much with that spelling is he. He invented the air-cushioned sole to help him recover when wounded as a soldier. Which […]

The Mandela particle

Leeds University 1973 Nelson Mandela had a nuclear particle named after him, by a British University, Leeds, in 1973. Dr. E. W. Kellerman, Dr. G. Brookes and Dr. J. E. F. Baruch predicted the existence of a particle 40 to 70 times the mass of a proton. Later, a team from Durham University could not […]

Star Trek: Picard’s Crystal

Mandela Effect: Originally: No one noticed Picard having some crystal New timeline: Picard had a crystal in over 70 episodes Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Starship Enterprise, The Next Generation, had a crystal on his desk that he played in over 70 episodes, but we never noticed it? Well, a replica of the crystal is […]

Hitler and Crystal Meth

Mandela Effect: Apparently, Hitler had a thang for Crystal Meth New timeline: Nah, that was a myth The Weimar Republic, Germany’s pharmaceutical industry was thriving, and exporting morphine, and cocaine. Drugs were readily available. The Nazis prescribed methamphetamine (Pervitin) to their army and air force.  When Hitler fell ill in 1941, Morell, his doctor, prescribed […]

The Laughing Cow nose ring

Mandela Effect: Originally, there was a nose ring New timeline: the nose ring is either missing or never was Do you remember a ring in the cow’s nose? Many do, but now it’s gone. Can you believe a cheese brand, French, or otherwise, could be so old, 1865 to be exact. Wow. Was it a […]

Kurt Cobains pink jacket or sweater

Mandela Effect: You remember it right? There was a famous poster of him wearing a pink…jacket. New timeline: There seem to be no photographs of it Nonetheless, many people remember Kurt Cobain wearing a huge pink fluffy garment. No record of this exists today, and it disappeared, apparently during the eclipse of summer 2017. Okay, […]

Stephen Hawking died and was replaced by a double

Mandela Effect: The world’s most recognized scientist. In 1963, at the age of 21, he was diagnosed with ALS, with a life expectancy of 2 years. The disease didn’t progress as usual somehow though, and he lived until 2018.

Spelling Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Mandela Effect: Previously: Hellmann’s Mayonnaise MMDE: Helman’s Mayonnaise It was founded in 1905 by Richard Hellmann. But how was it spelled? Has it changed? Comment below.

Fruit of the Loom has no cornucopia

Mandela Effect: Previously, the logo had a cornucopia New timeline: the logo has no such cornucopia Established in 1851. And the logo has a cornucopia with fruit overflowing out, right? Well, not anymore, but lucky for ME influencers, there’s lots of residue out there. Go find it and send back what you find!

Queen Elizabeth’s 2015 Christmas Message

Mandela Effect: People remember her saying “a great supernatural evil was sweeping across Europe, greater than her own’, and enjoy this Christmas because it would be your last!

The Doors: Come on baby light my fire

Mandela Effect: Lyrics: “If I were to say to you” New timeline: “If I was to say to you” It’s probably the most remembered Doors song.  “Was” is grammatically incorrect, and Morrison would’ve known it, but maybe he did it anyway?

Oscar Mayer/Meyer

Mandela Effect: Hey I remember this, it’s spelled Oscar Meyer! New timeline: nope, Oscar Mayer Pronounced MEYer. Founded in 1883, now owned by Kraft, 1989.

Sally Field?

Mandela Effect: She said, “You like me, you really like me” New timeline, she said, “You like me right now” Sally Field, at her Oscar acceptance speech, said “you like me right now”, or was it the other way around?

The Horns of Moses

Mandela Effect: Moses does not have horns New timeline: Art featuring Moses has horns Classical paintings today shows Moses with horns. Is that how you remember it?

Curious George’s tail?

Mandela Effect: Curious George had a tail New timeline: Curious George most certainly did not have a tail 1939, and he had no tail?  But people remember him one! Help!

Ford logo

Mandela Effect: There was no swirl in the logo on the F New Timeline: There is a swirl on the F Many who experience the ME recall the Ford logo having no swirls.  In the current timeline there seems to be added swirls within the logo.

ET Phone Home

Mandela Effect: ET said ” ET phone home” New Timeline: ET says “ET home phone” Those that experience the ME recall ET in the famous movie saying ET phone home.  On this new timeline the order of the words swapped ” ET home phone”.

The Mona Lisa’s smile

Mandela Effect: She used to have a blank expression New Timeline: She is smiling Many people that experience the ME recall the famous painting of the Mona Lisa with a blank expression on her face.  Now she has a little smile on her face.

Great Pyramid Changed

Mandela Effect: The Pyramids in Giza have changed positions and have smaller pyramids in the front of the large ones. New Timeline: Many people remember the central pyramid to be the largest one, and point to it’s name as “The Great Pyramid” as reflecting that. Even more confusingly, some are claiming the Sphinx has moved from […]

Queen: We are the Champions ending

Mandela Effect: The song ends with  the phrase “We are the Champions……. of the World” New Timeline: The song does not end with that phrase. Many people experiencing the ME will sign along with We are the Champions only to realize the famous ending line “….of the world” is now completely missing from the song.

Gortons or Gordons Fish Sticks

Mandela Effect: The brand was spelled Gordons fish sticks New Timeline: The brand is spelled Gortons fish sticks Some ME experiencers recall these famous fish sticks being spelled Gordons.  You’ll be surprised to know that it’s now spelled Gortons.

Spelling dilemma or dilemna

Mandela Effect: It was spelled Dilemna New Timeline: It is now spelled Dilemma Those that experience the effect may remember learning in school to spell is dilemna.  It’s amazing in this timeline that the spelling has now changed! It’s now dilemma.

The Bolton Museum Dinosaur

Mandela Effect: There was a dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton Museum New Timeline: There was no dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton Museum In the 1960s many people that visited the Bolton Museum recall a very large dino skeleton at the entrance.  They are surprised to find out that on this timeline that skeleton never existed.

Bible The Lion and the Lamb

Mandela Effect: Isaiah 116:6 says “the lion will lay down with the lamb” New Timeline: Isaiah 116:6 says “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them”

Rod Sterling or Serling

Mandela Effect: The host of Twilight Zone was spelled Rod Sterling New Timeline:  The host of Twilight Zone is spelled Rod Serling In the original science-fiction series many recall the name of the host being spelled Rod Sterling.  Some are surprised to find that his name is now spelled Rod Serling.  Ironically this show is […]

Henry VIII Painting Holding a Turkey Leg

Mandela Effect: There is a painting of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg exists New Timeline: There is no painting of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg ME experiencers recall a famous painting of Henry VIII holding a turkey leg.  On this new timeline that painting never existed.

Fruit or Froot Loops

Mandela Effect: The breakfast cereal was spelled Fruit Loops New Timeline:  The breakfast cereal is now spelled Froot Loops ME experiencers have warm memories of their childhood cereal being spelled Fruit Loops.  It’s now spelled Froot Loops.  This Mandela Effect seems to flip-flop a bit between spellings, meaning the spelling has changed back and forth.

Looney Toons or Tunes

Mandela Effect: The cartoon was spelled Looney Toons New Timeline: The cartoon is now spelled Looney Tunes You probably recall seeing Bugs Bunny and his friends at sometime in your childhood.  Most ME experiencer are shocked to discover that Looney Toons is now spelled Looney Tunes.

Wizard of Oz and the Scarecrow

Mandela Effect: The scarecrow didn’t have a gun in Wizard of Oz New Timeline: The scarecrow had a gun in the Wizard of Oz Many ME experiencers will be shocked to know that the scarecrow actually has a modern gun in his hand in the movie.  In the old timeline the scarecrow never had a […]

Depends Underwear

Mandela Effect: The underwear used to be called Depends New Timeline: They are called Depend ME experiencers remember this brand going by the name of “Depends”.  It’s now called “Depend”.

JFK Assassination and Jackie

Mandela Effect: JFK hit from a distance. New timeline:  The famous video has changed a bit.  It now looks as if Jackie might have played a role in JFK’s assassination while in the car with him. JFK’s assassination is one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time.  Now if you revisit the video it […]

Star Wars: Luke I am your father

Mandela Effect: Darth Vader says “Luke, I am your father” New Timeline: Darth Vader says “No, I am your father” This is one of many effects tied to Star Wars.  On the old timeline Darth Vader’s famous quote was “Luke, I am your father”.  It’s now “No, I am your father”.

Forrest Gump: Life is/was like a box of chocolates

Mandela Effect: Forrest says “Life is like a box of chocolates” New Timeline: He now says “Life was like a box of chocolates” Experiencers of the ME recall Forrest Gumps most famous line being “Life is like a box of chocolates”.  On this new timeline it has switched to “Life was like a box of […]

The Berenstein or the Berenstain Bears?

Mandela Effect: Berenstein Bears New timeline: Berenstain Bears Today, The Berenstain Bears are spelled – BerenstAin. Many people insist, though, that it was originally spelled BerentEin. The Berenstain Bears originated in the early 1960’s, from creators Stan and Jan Berenstain. The books were so popular, two TV series ran, along with a range of merchandise […]

Interview with a Vampire

Mandela Effect: Interview with a Vampire New Timeline: Interview with the Vampire The movie for the ME experiencers was called “Interview with A Vampire” . Now it’s “Interview with the Vampire”.

Steve Jobs said Great artists steal

Mandela Effect: Steve Jobs said “Good artists copy, great artists steal” New timeline: Steve Jobs was not the first to say ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ He was quoting Picasso.

Fonzie’s Jacket from Happy Days

Mandela Effect: Fonzie’s jacket is black New timeline:  Fonzie’s jacket is brown The “Fonz” in our old timeline had slicked back hair and a black jacket.  In this new timeline that jacket is now brown.

Snoopy’s tail

Mandela Effect: Snoopy has a black line for a tail New Timeline: His tail is white Snoopy’s tail from our old timeline was just a small black line.  Now it’s thicker and white with a black outline.

Neil Armstrong and Mr. Gorsky

Mandela Effect: Neil Armstrong said “Good luck, Mr Gorsky” on the moon New Timeline: Neil Armstrong did not say “Good luck, Mr Gorsky” on the moon. Those that experience the ME recall Neil Armstrong saying “Good luck Mr, Gorsky” when on the moon. Now there is no instance of him saying that.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Mandela Effect: Jack Daniel created Jack Daniel’s whiskey New Timeline: A slave on the Daniel estate created the whiskey There was a slave that passed his whiskey knowledge onto Jack in this new timeline. On the old timeline the creator was Jack Daniel’s himself.

Don’t stop believin’

Mandela Effect: Lyrics say “She” took the midnight train, then “He” took the midnight train New Timeline: Lyrics say “He” took the midnight train both times Journey’s famous song the lyrics have changed! Those that are ME recall the lyrics were “she” took the midnight train, then in another verse it;s “he” took the midnight […]

Michelangelo painted God’s butt on the Sistine Chapel

Mandela Effect: Michelangelo never painted a bare butt on God. New Timeline: God’s butt is showing Wow! Most of those that experience the Mandela Effect never saw this one coming.  We don’t remember there ever being a painting of God’s bare butt in all of Michelangelo’s works.

Gremlins: “Spike” or “Stripe”?

Mandela Effect: The character’s name is Spike New Timeline: The character’s name is Stripe Many remember the bad Gremlin from the 1984 Gremlins movie was named Spike.  Now on this timeline that’s changed to Stripe.

Bob Marley “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Mandela Effect: Bob Marley sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” New timeline: Bob Marley didn’t sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Reggae legend Bob Marley sang the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Many people remember it as so, but today, he just didn’t. The song released in 1988 by Bobby McFerrin, sounds similar, and it won a […]

Proctor and Gamble

Mandela Effect: It’s spelled Proctor & Gamble New Timeline: Procter & Gamble Those that are experiencers recall the name being spelled Proctor $ Gamble, with an “or”.  Amazingly this has switched to Procter & Gamble.

Nelson Mandela “Our deepest fear”

Mandela Effect: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child […]

God’s hand in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Mandela Effect: God’s hand is positioned above Adams New Timeline: God’s hand is not  below Adams Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” forms part of his world famous Sistine Chapel masterpiece. Most people that experience the ME recall the hand of God being higher than Adam’s.  Now it’s shown below God’s hand.

King Tut’s Burial Mask

Mandela Effect: There is just a snake on the top of the mask New Timeline: There now is both a vulture and a snake Many people remember a single snake up at the top of the mask.  Now there is both the snake and a vulture, that represent upper and lower Egypt.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

Mandela Effect: In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy says “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” New Timeline: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” ME experiencers that are familiar with the Wizard of Oz recalls when Dorothy says ” Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”.  It has since changed […]

Muhammad Ali died

Mandela Effect: Muhammad Ali died in 1991 New Timeline: Muhammad Ali died in 2016 If asked those that experience the ME recall Muhammad Ali dying in the 1990’s.  In this timeline he lived many years past that only recently dying in 2016.

Silence Of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter – “Hello, Clarice”

Mandela Effect: In the movie The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector says “Hello, Clarice” New Timeline: Lector Hannibal no longer says “Hello, Clarice” Those that experience the ME might recall when Hannibal Lecter first meets Clarice. He said “Hello, Clarice” from behind his cell. In this timeline he only greets her with “morning”.

The movie Jaws: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Mandela Effect: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” New Timeline: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” Those that remember the movie Jaws recall the famous quote “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”.  Surprisingly it’s now “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”.      

Evil queen says “Mirror, Mirror” on the wall.

Mandela Effect: In the Snow White the queen says “Mirror, mirror” on the wall. New Timeline: The queen says “Magic mirror”. In the original Snow White movie the queen looks into the mirror and says “mirror, mirror”.  On this timeline however it’s “Magic, mirror”.

Nelson Mandela died in prison

Mandela Effect: Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980’s New Timeline: Left prison and died in 2013 This is where the effect originated.  Those that are experiencers recall Mandela dying in prison in the 1980’s.  On this timeline he was released from jail, became the president of South Africa, and then died in 2013.

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